Cass Road Baptist Church



The Blessing In the Mirror

Each day I pass the mirror, parading by to see,

Things that are in place or out of place, all making up me.

And with each passing year, each day, each hour,

I look in the mirror at change and see its power.

Power to lift my spirit or cause my head to bow,

Power to help me truly see the real, I wonder how?

Oh mirror, I see a gray hair, it wasn’t there yesterday,

And the wrinkle over my brow, explain mirror, "what do you say?"

Those extra inches and pounds, distorting my view,

Mirror, why are these changes happening? Maybe, I need to replace you.

Perhaps a little more makeup, maybe a different reflection I will see,

But makeup is only masking the image; it’s not really me.

Oh, reliable mirror that lets me see beyond the fake,

Oh, reliable mirror that shows me what I need to see for life’s sake.

Staring in you, I look closely at my life, Oh, so many years,

Staring in you, I become emotional, my eyes fill with tears.

I remember the one in the mirror, the one I disguised for quite a while,

But as I look at me, today, I see a blessing in the mirror, and I smile


Ruby Radford


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